Thursday, March 10, 2016

My First Halloween Casket Prop

Damien and Mr. Skeleton
Damien and Mr. Skeleton
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Every year we try to add to our collection of props to get that "just so right" haunted look. . The best props in our collection are the ones we make ourselves; They turn out great,  the supplies cost very little and are sturdy enough to last for years.
This year we decided to work on a life sized coffin to hold our Mr. Skeleton.  As with my other DIY projects, the first place I started looking for ideas was on  Pinterest. Didn't take much time to find a really nice DIY instruction for one made from Foam Board -
The nice thing about doing the props yourself is modifying them how you want them to look.  I did not like the use of duct tape to fasten the sides together and I wanted it to be very sturdy.  We used 2 inch Foam Board instead of half inch and used silicone to glue the sides together.  The sides and lid were also notched in about half an inch to join together better and allow the lid to actually close properly.  Besides making the board impressions, we used a marker top to press in the impressions for nail heads, these were painted silver. There was also the issue of the width of the bottom of the casket (where the feet would go).  It was a little too narrow for my taste so we made it a couple of inches wider.
The instructions we found on Pinterest were nicely done and showed lots of pics for each step. We just wanted to add our own revisions to it.  Which I encourage anyone to do. Use your own style and design when following DIY projects.   finished coffincasket sideiltd2lidcasket 3.