Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Taking the dogs for a walk....

I have two Frenchtons , who are just the best.  However, I must admit, I am a little lax on the leash training.  The youngest is only 5 months old and a bundle of energy with teeth.   I think he has gnawed on almost every item here in the house.  Thinking I'd give him a change of scenery, I decided to take both of the rascals out for a walk.

Even though Ash is only 5 months old, he is a hair heavier than Kali (2 years old). He's going to be my big boy.  He is already 20 lbs, which is a large size at 5 months for a Frenchton.

So off we go on our adventure.... Kali takes off pulling all she can to explore and mark her "domain". Ash on the other hand is lagging behind, looking at me as if to say  "What are you doing to me and why?".    Before trying to get firm on leash rules with the dogs, I decided to let Ash get accustomed to the process.  A little after starting our walk, he and Kali decide to intermittently switch sides or cross each other's leashes.   If they weren't criss-crossing , they were running behind me then looping around up front on the other side.  This lasted for about 3 blocks, then I decided it was time to cut the walk short.  Yep, I won't be taking them for a walk again unless I'm prepared to be stricter on the leash training.   I had thought about just taking Ash by himself to get used to the leash but did not want to endure Kali's looks of betrayal on not being included .

I'm not too concerned at this time on keeping up their walks.  With their both being young, they spend 90 percent of the day wrestling and running around the house/yard like their tails are on fire.