Thursday, March 10, 2016

Recycling Old Bench into Porch Swing

I've always loved a good porch swing, something you could waste away the days on. Nothing nicer than sitting back, gently swinging on a warm summer day, with the wind lightly brushing against your cheek. Perhaps even snuggled up in the pillows, reading a good book.
When we moved into our house 11 years ago, we had no front porch, a very small back deck and no trees in the back yard. We added a nice deck to our house and planted several trees, what better to add than a swing to enjoy the view with. Off we went in search of a new swing.
We prefer to make all our own items with the theory they would be better and stronger than the equivalent if it had been bought. The only problem with making a porch swing from scratch, is you need the time to do it. We just never seemed to have the extra time, constantly putting it off till 'next weekend'. After several weekends expire with no time for personal woodworking projects, I decided to see what ideas they had on Pinterest.
I've got to say, the more I browse that site, the more I like it. So many ingenious ideas from so many sources. After viewing a few pages, I found a few that suggested taking a pre-existing bench and turning that into your swing. What an excellent idea! We had an old loveseat that went to our outdoor set. It had a metal frame, however, the backing was gone, cushions were destroyed and paint needed to be redone. It was destined to be sent to the curb until I seen this article.

This pic on the right is one of the chairs from this set that is still in decent condition. I'm not sure why the loveseat did not hold together as well as the chairs did. As you can see, it had brown weave around the metal bars. The photo below is what the bench looked like after we put the wire backing on and redid the paint job.
The legs were also an issue. Not sure what to do with them, we bent them under the chair which seemed to work ok. It is hard to see the wire supporting the back in the pic. The wired was stretched across and interconnected to add support. The last step was to make new cushions with outdoor material.
The local hardware store had a pre-made porch swing chain set, which included all the parts for setting this up. Viola – a wonderful swing to enjoy the lazy summer days!