Sunday, March 13, 2016

DIY - Fixing Up My Lower Bathroom

One of my goals has been to go through the house and fix-up/repair the rooms.  We've lived here for about 11 years and some of the rooms needed work when we got the house.  Now it was time to tackle the lower bathroom. Yea!!??

One thing I do like about the previous owners of the house, they apparently knew less about home repair than I do.   This was one of my discoveries when I tore up the bathroom. After reviewing the damage, it was decided the floor needed new tiling,  walls/doors needed painting, cabinet needed new doors and paint, along with putting up decorative touches.
Was actually pretty pleased with how this turned out.  My first step was to tear out the old toilet that was broken and prep the walls and floor.  This is when I discovered the prior owners DIY skills.   When removing the old toilet, the two anchor screws broke off.  Ok, no biggie, I'll just replace those.  Lo and behold, the toilet flange had been completely cemented in with only the screws showing (what the heck??) . Well, this was interesting, how to fix this?  When inspecting closer, the area was uneven by a large amount.  Part of the reason the old toilet leaked and cracked was from half the base under the toilet being much lower.  
After trying to chip and hack at the cement, I decided to grind down the broken screws and put another later of cement on top, leveling the area and making a solid base.  Since the new snaplock tile was going to raise the area a quarter inch or so, it was no problem.  I now had a nice level opening I could attach the new flange to.
 My next step was  to replace the cabinet doors with wooden ones that would have finger hold indents instead of handles. On one of my visits to the local hardware store, I seen a light green high quality interior paint that was mistinted, on sale for 5 bucks.  Yet, that would work just fine - yes, I'm on the cheap side.
After reviewing Pinterest, I had decided to put a shelf above the bathroom door and a more decorative one above the toilet.   When doing the decorative one, I wanted scalloped wooden braces with a decorative front.  I was so proud of myself, using the scrollsaw to cut out a clam shell on each end and an anchor in the middle.  Wasn't until I went to put it together, I realized, the anchor was upside down.  Well, I'll just tell people that was intentional and my idea of an anchor...
Since the two bathrooms are very small, I wanted the bathroom to be self sufficient, all
bathroom supplies would be kept in the bathroom. The shelf above the door would hold all toilet papers, the shelf above the toilet would hold all towels supplies.  The tiny shower would get soap and shampoo dispensers that would attach to the walls, and lastly, the sink cabinet would have mini-shelves to contain more items. 
I love ocean life and decided this would be a good theme with the bathroom being light green. So I grabbed my brush and paint and a couple of murals up on the walls.  The towel holder was made from rope and metal clasps to represent a ships rope.